About me

In 2013  I started painting and I was absolutely thrilled with it. A teacher at an art class told me to take painting more seriously and so I did. I took a big step and assigned to the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam, where I graduated 12th of May 2020 midst in the Corona Lock down.  A difficult and challenging time. 

After all the painting skills I learned at the Wackers Academy I hope to grow more and become more loose in my interest in the combination of graphical concept versus figurative image. I love color, patterns, facial expressions. I like the viewer to wonder what is going on in the painting, what is a person thinking?  I hope to reach people through my art. I think emotion is the key. Even if it is only by the beauty of form and colour. 

Next to my study, I exhibit regularly in the region and I work two days a week at an art shop.